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 What are you currently watching? 
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Post Re: What are you currently watching?
Doombot wrote:
Weeeeeeeeell ... now that you ask.

I really enjoyed the episode, I really did. I think it closed the thread of the Time War fairly well, AND gives us the possibility of Gallifrey's return! And of course, having Tennant back made me really, really miss him. Matt was great, but Tennant is and will probably always be my favorite.

But, I felt like the episode was too "Moffat-y" -- in other words, every solution is the opposite of Occam's razor. What I mean by that is, it was too self-indulgent in the way it over-complicated the plot. And what bugs me, is, in the last episode, Clara was proven to be the most important companion (oh what a surprise, another special companion) who has been involved in saving each incarnation of the doctor, and she did so by jumping into the Doctor's own grave (the glowy timestream thingy).

So why the f**k bring back Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler? Clara could have been that catalyst for bringing the doctors together. Maybe it's cause I never cared for Rose, but I was annoyed that they would just shoe-horn her in. Oh wait, she was a mental manifestation of the AI of the most powerful Timelord Weapon, who took the shape of a companion he (the Hurt doctor) never would have seen. Oh, That makes sense.

I'm sure all the loose ends will be wrapped up in a nice neat bow during the next special. </sarcasm>

or, tl;dr: fanservice. lul

I think Moffat's original intention was to have Chris Eccleston reprise his role. Still, the problem is that he and Tennant's Doctors would've had no memory of the events that took place. And, Eccleston's Doctor hadn't met Rose Tyler at this point anyways. To me, it seems like a fairly self-contained episode (unless they bring back Bad Wolf or something).

I'm of the assumption, though, that the Moment had memories in addition to form (hence knowing her own name was Rose Tyler, and that she was in the form of Bad Wolf). I'd also assume that Rose was the first companion to join the doctor since the war. That would give the Moment a lot of personal knowledge about the Doctor and how he handled the guilt of what he did. In a way, it makes a lot of sense to have her back.

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